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When it comes to design, it certainly pays more to step up creativity. One of the most important things creative professionals can learn from this uniquely renovated property is that they shouldn’t be afraid to be different. They should learn how to think outside the box so they can come up with a design that will blow people’s mind away.



Redesigning a structure brings back a property back to life. Architects of this renovated home took a creative approach to redesigning.

 Redesigning a structure is one of the best ways to breathe life into old and outdated properties. But instead of going for the common and the traditional, the architect of this structure opted to “go bold” with unique and extraordinary design.

  1. “Hello” Victorian-era home in Melbourne, Australia

You cannot find any residential property in Australia that is much “friendlier” than this Melbourne home. Renovated by OOF! Architecture, this Victorian-era property has a giant brick wall that spell outs “Hello.” The owners of the property reportedly wanted their house to appeal to passers-by because of its location. To achieve the desired effect, OOF! Architecture collaborated with local artist Rose Nolan to come up with this clever and ingenious design.1



1 Allie Weiss. “This Bold Renovated Victorian Spells Out ‘Hello’ on Its Façade.”

Photo copyright ©Nic Granleese






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