How to approve 3D Printed house for $5,000AUD

3D printed house

You Can Now Build a House for as Little as $5,000
One of the biggest challenges of owning a home these days is the soaring real estate prices, especially in major cities and large urban areas. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can be quite difficult to find a property that you can call home. But did you know that a private Chinese firm has come up with an innovative way for people to own a house for as low as $5,000AUD?
3D Printed house for $5,000AUD

3D printed house

3D printed house

Just recently, China-based WinSun built 10 full-sized, single storey houses using 3D printers. They used the printers to spray a mixture of construction waste and recycled cement to build the wall of the homes, layer by layer.

Unlike the traditional methods used in constructing a house, the process neither involved manual labour nor the use of expensive building materials. As a result, WinSun was able to build the houses for less than $5,000 each. What’s more, the building process was a quick and hassle-free affair. Believe it or not, the company was able to build the 10 houses in just one day.

This might be the solution many aspiring home owners are looking for. If they can build a house for $5,000 using this technology, then all they need to worry about is land price. In addition, aspiring home owners don’t have to wait that long for their new home to be finished.

There is a question – what next and I believe  3D-printed homes should not raise any concerns because skilled builders might just move over to sustainable green projects, so everybody wins!

[Images courtesy of; House design and construction system© WinSun China]

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