Urbanism AU Mission /Vision /Objectives


First urbanism AU initiative is:

  • To recognize market needs.
  • Call for the founder board of directors.
  • Call for the board of advisers.
  • To establish main activists.
  • To establish training programs for the beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • To research advertising opportunities.
  • To create international presence, contact universities, deliver international news and cross advertise.


Vision ‘An Image of the future we seek to create’.

Our Vision is to be the research and educational body on the subject of Urbanism. Our region is Australasia and our field of expertise expands to all countries World Wide. We would engage in learning, knowledge sharing and educating professionals to best apply scientific hypothesis of Urbanism theory. We will establish database of practical knowledge of applied examples for thriving habitats.

Mission ‘Purpose, reason for being’

Our mission is to lead the design decisions for our environment and its surrounds. We would aspire to contribute to future Urbanism projects while taking actions towards sustainable, environmental and socially conscious, cognizant, initiatives.

Brand  ‘How would we like to be perceived’

Our brand is to create collective passion around the participation in Urbanism activities. We like to be better known, better understood and to create better understanding of the unique value that we deliver. Brand management and brand experience is in the uniqueness of the approach that can solve pressing issues.

Our commitment ’What are we prepared to do?’

Our commitment is to our profession, to our members and broader community to learn, lead, analyse, study, review, collaborate, present, explore and test future implications of our today’s decisions.

Impact ’Who should we influence?’

Create connected ecosystem of Urbanism entrepreneurs to implement meaningful changes for the long term prosperity of the cities.
Our social values lay in equally supporting and incorporating all members of our society.

Our partners have a responsibility of maintaining moral and professional standards outlined in our vision statement.

Our greatest business value is in our members.
“Learn something new every day you spend on your business”