Back to Basics: Urban Treehouses


Before we had the building designs we have now, some caves have been a shelter and improvised houses on trees made by our ancestors. These homes are made out of a need to protect oneself against outer elements such as wild animals, extreme weather conditions and other tribes. Fast forward to the present day, architecture has taken a huge leap to create different, awesome designs, that alter the way we live.
As kids, we envision of spending our days inside a treehouse, basking in the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life. But tree house then is only used for recreational activities such as playing. Fortunately, the rise of modern architecture has also paved the way to the creation of several treehouse designs that enable it to become an actual alternative for home. These treehouse designs are so alluring you will forget the stresses of your life. People also need not worry about leaving their urban life behind because some of these treehouses are situated right in the middle of a city. It only proves that once again, man has conquered and maximised another possibility.


One of the popular urban treehouses is The Vertical Forest, situated in Turin, Italy. The Vertical Forest, also known as 25 Verde is a five-story apartment building masquerading as an urban oasis. Because the structure has over 150 trees which give the residents of this apartment ample supply of fresh air and exclusivity as the trees cancel out noise from the outside.1
German design office Baumraum also completed a modern treehouse in Berlin that has been “designed to serve as an oasis of tranquillity set within an urban context”2 The structure is an attempt to preserve the existing forest in a 650 square meter site while creating more buildings in the area. The treehouse also resembles a real home complete with its own living space, a kitchen and a bathroom. One particular treehouse even resembles a ball hanging in one of the tree branches. 3
With the help of modern technology and forward architectural design, people are coming to terms with a new way of living and that is bliss amid a busy city. Never has there been a possibility to live in a city and still experience the wilderness of rural living until now. Treehouses also help individuals stay in tune with nature while living near their workplace, giving the perfect combination of urban and rural living without having to strip one of its benefits. With many architects working on towards more ideas for new living spaces, city living will never be the same.


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