Designing Cities 10 webinar courses


DESIGNING CITIES is a series of 10 webinar courses tailored to create discussion on Urban Design principals and give basic knowledge of Urban Design practice.

Diversity of Urban Design projects is great. Variety of proposed courses can be taken in order of appearance or as a top up session to your existing knowledge.

Participants that express interest in the high level detail of any particular subject can participate in the discussion or submit articles as contributors.


Design courses. Join us on the webinar bellow.

Course 01 Developing unique style, method, tools, page preparation, training, practical example

Course 02 Understanding location

Course 03 Town Centre Design

Course 04 Streets Design

Course 05 Standard Residential subdivision design

Course 06 Theory of architectural knowledge application Neufert

Course 07 Development Analysis calculation. General Principals and importance

Course 08 Development Analysis complex problem resolution. Parking ratios/town centre densities

Course 09 Drawing Session specific

Course 10 Site visit

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