Urbanism Story about love and relationships

To understand full potential and influence of Urbanism on our daily life we shall understand where it all applies? 
Good urbanist creates the scene for all activities within our surrounding. To create best developed outcome one must first understand its full potential.

Sense of community equally attributes to love and relationship. Historically it has been a judge and preventer of incest-rial love and so on.
Community involvement can replace that first page of internet dating.
Complete introduction, details of your character, your attributes, your likes and dislikes, health, dating history and so much more.
Love memories and moments of anticipation directly connect us to the location.
Mental mapping of all places, we have been to, with the loved ones, creates mental love maps.
I would like to describe why we carve the memory of special places, only if something close to our subconscious mind has entered our universe.
Love maps are usually created in few circumstances. One of them is in the teenage years when all is amplified with importance drama and emotion. Better still, love maps,   like mental maps  are the ones you carve during the falling in love stage.
In the town where you live and or on your holidays with that special one. Clearly we choose beautiful and relaxing places to go to on our holidays or first dates.
Preferably places with history or places rich in environmental and spatial characteristics.
So the question is – how some people travel for a holiday to place of your residence and they find romance and peace there, and you seem to need to go elsewhere?
Alain de Botton said that where ever we go we bring ourselves with us so those romantic brochures of smiling people on the boat cruise are now replaced with ours, smiling or not.
When that,   high level of Oxytocin, Dopamine and Pheromones hit our brain and nostrils we start to record subconsciously the path,    the colours,     the shapes, rain or sunshine in the very special way.
Presumably, all goes to plan, those memories will carve deep in our mind to feed us and supply good vibes for the rest of our lives. We can share them or hide them but they are ours to keep.
Believe it or not Urban Design plays great role in facilitating those events. You will ask HOW?  Well, we shall refer to understanding places, giving them best possible, meaningful, usable, pleasant appearance that will attract and indulge its users to love it and or repeatedly visit it with gusto.