Mecene’s World of Urbanism – Aspiring Towards Quality and Integrity

We aspire towards quality, integrity, and high intellectual potential.

Our commitment is to our profession and our clients.

We bring land development projects from land opportunities to living and thriving places for people. We innovate existing places to better fit its future potentials.

We understand social, economic and environmental drivers of each development opportunity

In over 100 projects we delivered 50,000 homes, apartments or land parcels fit for future growth.

Our  vision is to be the leader in Urban Design globally while engaging associated services in the productive collaboration. We will earn our clients’ loyalty through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

Our mission is to champion our team to grow personally, professionally, and as a group while providing best urban design and engaging latest environmental innovations.  Our mission is to continuously study, research and improve applied urban design as a world’s best practice.

We operate through the support of larges team of consultants engaged on project bases under the Mecene company name. Our flexible structure is providing

  • lean business operations
  • no office expenses
  • advantage of delivering digital products
  • Work –life balance
  • Flexible people per project capacity

Virtual company services means utilizing today’s technology to deliver services and communicate with clients by working remotely.

Consultants engaged are considered to be a group of entrepreneurs gathered around one company operations to provide unified product while partially or fully working remotely. Virtual company uses new technologies to deliver services to clients globally.